I just had a new client leave my office. She was full of grace and graciously shared of her personal walk into her wiser woman. We didn’t just talk kitchen cabinets and finishes but also shared the health issues that would merge our inner young women with the aging physical ones we must find love and patience for. And it reminded me of an interview I did this same day for an article on French Country. One of the questions the journalist asked was what I loved most about my job.

It is one of the heart for I am constantly humbled that my clients become friends, mentors, story tellers, huggers, gift givers, flower bearers… That they do not hide from me the real struggles of living while we plan the ideal sanctuary in which to do that imperfect living. They are real women with real stories who share. Each is such a pool of light. It is an honor to witness and share what I do with these women.

Thank you for the well wishes, the cards, the flowers, the offers of food, the dinners, the hugs. But most especially, thank you for opening your hearts to me and showing me God’s grace in the sharing of stories.

 This is one of my unfinished paintings. It is of the woman I am uncovering ever so slowly. She is beautiful. She is strong. She is full of light.