early may


In my last blog, I teased you with the textiles of this sunroom.  Here is another peek as we move a step closer towards it’s completion.  We are awaiting the arrival of the milkweed sisal carpet and my iron worker is busy welding the custom sofa table and side table that will hold new pieces of carrara marble to blend in with the old.

This is such a lovely example of two things:  patience and the pairing of new and old.  I suppose both are interlinked on many levels.  I have never believed good design truly can be bought in a day.  You can buy a look, certainly but depth demands time and patience.  The balanced evolution of a room must be pondered and discovered. The perfect side table may not be a mouse click away but require a physical search.  In this case, after an extensive search for antique marble topped garden tables that only produced overpriced and wrongly sized options, we chose to have them made for a fraction of the cost.  While we gave up the history of the pieces, we made up for it in savings and exact measurements and, of course, we employed a delightful local craftsman who put his own talented energy into our pieces.  It was a win, win.

In regard to pairing the new with the old, you cannot go wrong with that thinking — ever.  Each brings to the other a different strength. What captivates me the most, especially in this project, is the whispered memoir of the Normandy armoire and the side tables.  These cherished pieces are survivors which now grace us with an example of stateliness.  They encourage us to cherish ourselves and our living as we grow old with both poise and distinction.

Patience – Unhurried Intentions – Pieces with a presence