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In every house I have made my home, the garden was the first project at hand.

In the cool of the morning I sit between the flower gardens and the potage garden with coffee in hand, watching the awakened exchange between flower, vegetable, bird and sky. It is a blessed moment knowing that I too am connected to the conversation.


Every house should have half-hidden gardens with only a tenuous connection to the public, with paths and arches that lead you to tranquil inner sanctums of bloom and blossom.  Allow the path from street to door to transition from public to private with a change in direction, texture, color, sound and enclosure.


The experience you feel as you transition from street to front door influences the way you feel inside the home itself.

Food and flowers are also a form of fine art, an unforgetable creative exploration of color, fragrance, texture and taste. Even the bees within the garden create a symphony of sound if I pause to listen.