…The efflux of the soul is happiness, here is happiness, I think it pervades the open air, waiting at all times, Now it flows unto us, we are rightly charged.

Here rises the fluid and attaching character,
The fluid and attaching character is the freshness and sweetness of man and woman…

Toward the fluid and attaching character exudes the sweat of the love of young and old, From it falls distill’d the charm that mocks beauty and attainments, Toward it heaves the shuddering longing ache of contact…

                                    Song of the Open Road

                                     BY WALT WHITMAN

Your opening sentence is the approach to your home – the path from public to private. It is more than a connection of our built environment to the earth. It is also a movement towards something more sacred than the shared space of the street. I believe it should reflect a shared agreement between man and nature.  A progressive embrace of nature’s soft undulations, resonance, perfume, blush and luminescent shifts. It should be a place of stillness with only a ripple of movement – more of a beckoning to pause at each curve rather than a push to move on.

Take time to review your own path at home. What do you feel as you move closer to the  sanctuary you call home? Does it reflect a connectedness to all things living? If not, if the presence of joy appears elusive, perhaps your path is one of pure possibility this Spring.