Bedrooms are private sanctums and should by definition provide refuge from the world at large and a retreat from the demands of our public selves. At the very least, they should offer a place of safety and rest. Rather than luxuries, they are in my opinion, bare minimums in order to feel well and function at your best. With all the pressures to do more and faster, we need this nesting spot more than ever to counter stress levels, heal wounds and recharge our creative energies.

bedroompic1smI don’t think most Americans put enough effort into the quality of support systems within their bedrooms. Things such as having the most comfortable bed you can afford, the softest sheets you can buy,  30”oversized down pillows to support the head if you are a reader, soft light if you are a talker, enough lamps so that overhead lighting is NEVER necessary, eastern light that awakens you without  the need for an alarm clock, a touch of silk to keep it alluring, a down comforter on top of you and a down mattress cover beneath you, at least four down pillows, your favorite books,  tea service and tray,  fresh flowers, artwork, an armoire, a desk, two comfortable chairs or an ottoman for removing one’s shoes, a soft rug, candles and time to nestle – are all part of a symphony of nourishment and rebirth, a rekindling of the spirit for the next day.



Review the emotions coming from your bedroom. Is it puritanical and sterile which might be telling in and of itself? Is it a messy heap of unaddressed issues? Is it so large that it feels cold, empty and unprotected? Either way, it speaks to what you think you deserve and how you nourish your inner self.

Think of this room in the house as being the most beneficial for your spirit.

Start from there.